Rockin’ Reads {October}


October was yet another month that was packed full of awesome new YA releases. Here are the October YA releases that topped my list of rockin’ reads.

Why they rock? They’re thrilling, chilling, epic and addictive. The stories are engaging, the characters are fierce, intriguing, charming, and brave. They are series I will follow to the very end and standalones I wish could continue.

And here are a few of October’s YA releases that top my TBR pile.

Why I think they rock? They are series I’m dying to continue or series I can’t wait to start. They are debuts that sound amazing by authors I can’t wait to get to know through their stories and characters. They are books that I have been anxiously awaiting and now am anxiously awaiting a chance to sneak onto the pile.

What were your favorite October YA releases? And what books that released in October are at the top of your TBR pile?



Rachel (a.k.a. Fiktshun) has been blogging about (mostly YA) books since 2010. She always has and always will believe that reading YA rocks and thinks she's found the perfect place to ramble here at RYAR.