Rockin’ Reads {September}


September is one of those months packed full of awesome new YA releases. Here are the September YA releases that topped my list of rockin’ reads.

Why they rock? The writing is amazing, the characters are all ones I can connect to – whether I love or hate them, the stories were all totally captivating. And as they’re all books in a series, they are all ones worth continuing, or in the case of TQoZH worth reading in its entirety.

And here are a few of September’s YA releases that top my TBR pile.

Why I think they rock? Either I’ve read and loved previous books in the series and am dying to continue on, I’m a huge fan of the author’s writing, the description sounds so amazing that the book stands out from the crowd, or some combination of the three.

What were your favorite September YA releases? And what books that released in September are at the top of your TBR pile?



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